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Why Maintenance Matters for Houses in Dallas, TX, for Rent

Teaching your renters how to care for your property's wood flooring is an excellent way to keep those floors in good condition. Is it a substitute for tried-and-true rental property maintenance? No. 

Your residents have a responsibility to take good care of your Dallas, TX, properties—but they are not responsible for the overall condition of a rental. Maybe you provide some DIY repair services when something breaks—and that's better than nothing—but it's still not as good as a professional-level rental property maintenance plan to provide routine care and quality repairs when something goes wrong. 

When you have houses in Dallas, TX, for rentit's critical to prioritize routine maintenance. If you want to do better than break-even as a real estate investor, your maintenance services can't be 'less than' while you expect 'more.' 

Why does maintenance matter? RentHub is here to tell you all about it.

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Less Maintenance = Lost Income

Are you managing your maintenance budgeting wisely, or are you withholding critical repairs and foregoing routine maintenance to save a buck? There's a difference. 

  • Monitoring budget dollars and allocating funds for timely repairs and ongoing property care is a smart way to manage resources while keeping your rentals in good condition.
  • However, searching for DIY fixes or holding off on a repair until it becomes a serious problem doesn't save money—and it isn't a renter-friendly way to manage houses in Dallas, TX, for rent.
  • Delivering less maintenance for properties and renters will cost valuable income over the long haul. You might save a few short-term dollars by doing a repair yourself or skipping seasonal maintenance this year.
  • That said, renters won't stay in a property that isn't well-kept—and delaying critical routine maintenance tasks can create costly problems down the road.

Less Maintenance = More Turnover

One of the long-standing basics of success as a real estate investor is to keep your best renters longer. Resident renewals translate into a better bottom line compared to losing renters at the end of every lease term, then dealing with empty properties—and the cost of finding a new resident. A property that looks like it needs some work won't attract the new residents you want—and an empty property quickly becomes an expensive problem. 

Poor-quality rental property maintenance is one of the biggest reasons renters leave a property. If you're dealing with excellent renters, they'll try to stick it out until their lease ends. However, not every renter is willing to stay for a full lease term when:

  • Things break often.
  • The property is drafty, leaky, or is in a state of general disrepair.
  • Calls and requests for maintenance and repairs go unanswered.
  • The same things break over and over again.
  • They don't feel safe when an unknown contractor works in the home.

Who would want to live in those conditions? Renters might have the cause to break their lease when a property owner doesn't provide adequate maintenance services for safe living conditions in a rental. 

Maintaining a barely-livable rental property doesn't generate more income for investors. You'll struggle to keep renters and could face lawsuits if your property fails to meet rental property standards for legal operations in Dallas, TX

Better Maintenance = Better Renters

It's a simple equation and worth every penny that you put into quality routine maintenance services! We're not suggesting that you go overboard with expensive updates or the most costly repair services in town. In fact, investors don't need to overspend for better rental property maintenance that keeps properties in excellent condition and renters happy

You simply need the right maintenance provider and high-quality services. Better maintenance will deliver better residents—and they'll want to stay! You're not in this business to 'have' rental properties. You become a real estate investor to make money: A break-even operation isn't worth the effort. 

When renters know your reputation for excellent rental property maintenance services, they'll come looking for your houses in Dallas, TX, for rent. 

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What Does Excellent Maintenance Look Like?

It's not hard, but many investors get help from a professional property manager to make this happen. Excellent maintenance services include:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Preventive routine maintenance throughout the year
  • 24/7 availability to respond to renter maintenance emergencies
  • A network of vetted contractors that are safe to work in your rentals while providing quality repairs.

We take care of small maintenance issues before they become costly repairs—and drive renters away! 

Maintenance Matters to Us

RentHub uses best-in-class technology to make sure your houses in Dallas, TX, for rent are cared for. We do that by taking care of your renters as well! We keep an eye on your investments to keep them in excellent condition, and we never delay a repair that should happen sooner rather than later.

Make more money from your rentals with our professional maintenance services! Contact us, and we'll show you the difference it can make for the value of your properties, the satisfaction of your renters, and your income.

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