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Here's Why DIY Rental Property Owners Need Professional Maintenance

Updated December 20, 2021

Your investment properties are your most significant asset. Like any other house, your rental homes in McKinney require regular maintenance to keep your income earning potential at the maximum.

Plus, there are problems that come up when you mix people and properties. Even though you probably use a thorough tenant screening process, tenants can cause damage—and you can only hope they'll report any emergency maintenance problems. The ideal is, of course, that they'll report any damages which happen at your properties—whether they caused it or not.

How landlords handle maintenance issues can make a big difference in your profits. Quick, cheap fixes can turn into more expensive problems. However, it can be costly to track down an emergency repair contractor after hours.

How does a real estate investor handle maintenance for multiple properties? As your investment portfolio grows, the importance of expert McKinney property management becomes evident.

Rental Properties Require a Professional Maintenance Solution

The best property managers know that the more properties you acquire, the less you'll be able to rely on the way you handled property maintenance when you started with your first property. Many new landlords try to handle property management responsibilities on their own. Some maintenance tasks are simple, while others seem simple but quickly turn into an out-of-control (and expensive) disaster.

Why DIY Isn't a Long-Term Fix

DIY property management can be a great way to start, but it's not a long-term solution for property owners that want to build a sustainable way to create long-term wealth. The best property management McKinney offers knows that the work required for a rental property includes:

  • Changing locks between tenants leads to needing to replace the front door because you lost control of your drill and made too many holes.
  • Cleaning the gutters turns into needing new gutters when you lose your step on the ladder and bring the gutters down to the ground with you.
  • Repainting the interior seems simple until you trip over a can of paint and ruin the floors in the process.
  • Fixing an under-the-sink leak should be easy until you twist that wrench one time too many and cause a flood.

Maybe you had a contractor you could call for help if a maintenance problem exceeded your DIY capabilities. When you add a second or a third property, you quickly realize you can't handle the seasonal maintenance and the middle-of-the-night emergencies—along with everything else on your plate.

To run a successful investment property business, you need professional maintenance services on-call around the clock. With an expert property management process, investors don't have to worry about taking care of maintenance issues when it's not convenient (or is outside of their skillset).

Expert Property Management Services Protect Your Properties—and Your Portfolio

Excellent property maintenance keeps your tenants happy and protects your properties. To have the resources to grow your portfolio, property management companies recommend a professional maintenance team to handle every detail—large or small.

Seasonal Inspections and Maintenance

Your McKinney rental property needs inspections and maintenance before the start of a new season. Preventative maintenance reduces the likelihood of seasonal issues. Multiply four seasons for these projects by each of your properties, and you'll understand why that's a lot of work.

Taking your properties safely into the next season is no small task! You'll minimize the possibilities of significant issues when you prep your properties for winter while it's still the fall season. When the weather warms again, you need to prep your properties for spring and summer.

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Tenant-Related Inspections and Preparation

Real estate investors need inspections for rental properties done both before and after tenants move in to ensure the property is ready for the next tenant. The move-out inspection helps you find any issues that need attention before your next tenants move in.

Through the make-ready process, you prepare your properties to rent. This means cleaning, painting, and repairing your properties from top to bottom to get ready for the move-in inspection and your next tenants.

Having an expert McKinney property management company with a professional maintenance staff makes these maintenance tasks go smoothly. When you have an extensive investment portfolio, it's critical to have the best contractors available to avoid any delays in getting your next tenants into your properties. As they buy more rental properties, Mckinney property owners benefit from experts to manage more rentals and maximize returns!

The Emergencies

No property owners love getting those midnight calls about a leaking water heater or a broken air-conditioner. Finding an after-hours plumber that's available at an affordable price is never easy. When you have professional maintenance staff, you don't have to worry about when calls come.

Expert property managers take the emergency calls and use their list of resources to fix the problem right away—any time—day, night, or weekend. When you add properties to your portfolio, you already have a team in place to serve your tenants right away and keep your properties in excellent condition while you grow.

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Professional Property Management Offers the Maintenance Answers You Need

Professional property management services help property owners do it all! RentHub's in-house maintenance team provides quick responses and lower costs. We also keep an eye on your properties several times throughout the year with regular inspections and maintenance. The best way to scale up your portfolio is with RentHub Property Management's all-in-one solution for expert property management, maintenance, rent collection, and long-term wealth. We serve real estate investors in the McKinney area and throughout North Texas. Contact us now for a free rental analysis!


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