Real Estate Investor Resources

We've placed all of our resources for investment property owners here in one place so you can find what you need when you need it.

Get Your List!

Download our list of 10 things you should do to increase the ROI for your rental property.

Diagram of the Perfect Investment Property

Download your copy of our diagram of the perfect investment property - How to Find a Property that will get you a return on investment.

Free Make-Ready Checklist

Download a free make-ready checklist to help you with your rental property turns.

Protecting Your Investment Property: A Guide

Download the guide to learn how to protect your investment property!!

Finding the Best Property Manager

Download the guide to finding the best property management company in Dallas!

Foolproof Tenant Screening: A Checklist

Use this free tenant screening checklist to screen tenants fairly.

The Perfect Property Listing: It’s More Than a Description

Write better property listings with this free property listing checklist.

Free Tenant Eviction Checklist

Tenant evictions are messy business. Use this free tenant eviction checklist to stay organized.

Maintenance Takes Place Year Round

Take better care of your rental property with this free seasonal maintenance checklist.

A Landlord's Guide to DFW Home Property Management

You don't have to know anything about managing a property to own rental properties. Follow these tips from DFW home property management!

Plano Property Management Helps Investors Collect Rent on Time!

Successful investors don't let a disruption catch them off guard. A Plano property management partner knows that having a crisis plan is smart!