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The Key Marketing Benefits of Hiring a Property Manager in Plano

As an investor with multiple properties, you have to be good at fielding a variety of landlord tasks—but maybe marketing isn't your best skill. Did you know? When you hire a property manager in Plano, they do more than the tasks that relate directly to "maintaining" your property.

Yes, your property management partner would also collect rent, manage tenants, and make repairs—but what you might not know is that you gain a significant marketing advantage when you partner with a Plano property manager.

What does it mean to market your property? It's more than placing an ad and hoping the right tenant shows up. Your property manager provides many key marketing benefits to help your rentals generate the income you need. From setting the right rental rate to showcasing your property's best features, here are some of the best "hidden" marketing perks you can tap into when you work with a property manager in Plano.

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1. More Resources

  • Where do you go to find the best tenants?
  • How do you save money on after-hours repairs?
  • Why doesn't your rental property gain the same attention as other rentals in the Plano market?

An expert property manager has the connections and resources to not only answer these questions but to solve the problems that lie behind the query. A successful property manager in Plano will have forged professional relationships over the years they've spent caring for Plano investment properties. Those connections can help take your portfolio to the next level!

Better Tenants

  • Are you tired of not finding the right tenants?
  • Do you feel like you've exhausted your usual avenues for finding tenants, but without any luck?

Your Plano property manager knows how—and where to find better quality tenants for your rental.

When it's time to find a new tenant, property managers have the tools you need not only to find and place a high-quality renter—they also know how to make your property ready for move-in day. There's no need to waste marketing time or your budget when you work with a property manager: they have access to listing tools beyond the scope of the DIY investor.

Better Contractors

When a tenant calls in the early a.m. hours on Sunday to report that a neighbor's tree limb fell on the roof and caused a hole, you don't have time to start looking for a roofer at the crack of dawn while rainwater pours into your rental home. Your Plano property manager builds relationships with the best contractors in the area, so a quality repair is only a phone call away. 

Because they use the same contractors for other properties, you benefit from rapid-response repairsoften with savings attached compared to what you might find from a solo online search. Plus, you don't have to manage multiple contractors! A property manager handles everything for you. The icing on top is that they can also market your properties with the "perk" of 24/7 maintenance availability.

Responsive maintenance is an expectation of the modern tenant: if your current property offerings can't match this, it could be harming the growth of your portfolio.

Better Visibility

When you connect with a well-respected property manager, their professional reputation boosts the appeal of your investment property when it comes time to attract new tenants.

This has the added benefit of improving tenant retention: a property manager who offers excellent service to tenants makes your property more attractive to potential renters. In turn, they help make your profits look good, too. 

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2. Market More—for Less

When marketing your property, you still need printed brochures and yard signs. However, printing small quantities of full-color marketing materials is expensive. Don't forget the cost of a high-quality listing when it comes to your time!

Hiring a Plano property manager helps you pay less for your properties' marketing materials in addition to enhancing their reach. Your property manager handles properties for multiple investors, which gives them the power to purchase en masse. Listing your properties across a bevy of sites becomes less expensive, too! 

Scale pricing doesn't detract from the personable service you'll receive, either: you'll enjoy price breaks while your property managers work hard to fill your empty property. 

3. Increased Quality

We've touched on the import of listings for your rental properties in past blogs. The listing is just one of the essential components of successfully marketing your property to the right tenants. An ideal listing requires a compelling property description and professional real estate photos. 

With low-quality photos, potential tenants will keep scrolling to the next property on their search list. Experienced property managers know that high-quality images can "stop the scroll" and encourage a tenant to come to see your property in person. 

  • To support captivating photos, your property description must be compelling.
  • It should accurately highlight the best aspects of your property—and your property manager knows exactly what to say to attract the right tenants.
  • A property management partner also knows the "secret formula" for which data to include in your listing, like the property's dimensions, amenities, the types and amounts of fees, and the rental price.
  • Interested in seeing what else Property Managers do? Check out our other blogs!

Your Property Benefits From Professional Management!

As an investor with multiple properties, you know an empty property is like an achy tooth. It'll cost you more and more until you find the right tenant to settle in and fix that vacancy. If your marketing is ineffective, you won't find a quality tenant soon enough!

Your property management partner should have the expert marketing skills you need to save money on high-quality marketing, pay less for 24/7 contractor services, and find better tenants for your rental property.

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