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Long-Distance Investing? You Need DFW Property Management

If you're an investor currently located in Singapore or Hong Kong, you know how tight your market for investing has become.

Even within the United States, in places like Los Angeles and Washington D.C., investing in property has perilous margins if you missed out on snagging property before the start of the housing market recovery in 2010.

When your options for investing in your own area are limited, the incentive to look elsewhere is stronger than ever. You know that you got into investing in property to fuel your financial growth and perhaps even to pad your financial future in retirement. Real estate has incredible potential to feed stable returns: regardless of the market, everyone will always need housing!

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That said, it's crucial that investors seeking to expand their holdings do so with some numbers that indicate the area will be a profitable investment—rather than an expensive money pit.

Some key indicators of the value of an investment property's location include job growth, population growth, rental demand, and the health of the city in question. These figures are exactly what separates the market in West Virginia from Texas, for example. What do we mean by that?

In today's article, we're going to break down why investing in Dallas is exactly what your portfolio needs to grow if you're an investor in a stagnant market like those mentioned above. We'll also discuss why your long-distance investments need DFW property management to stay productive.

The numbers and figures recorded here were current at the time of their posting. Since then, things may have changed! When you're running the numbers, don't be afraid to reach out to the experts at RentHub Property management for assistance.

Exploring the Numbers

Going back to West Virginia, it has some of the lowest home prices in the entire nation. With a median list price of only $169,000, investors from across the pond and across the country might get duped into thinking this is a market poised for expansion. However, the other necessary indicators for a healthy investment fall short.

With all these figures (and more), there's a reason why investors run for the hills when it comes to this state! Even with their disproportionately low property values, if you're looking for year-over-year growth, that kind of movement won't cut it. Let's compare Texas to West Virginia to give you an idea of some differences:

  • Job growth in Texas for the same time frame was a whopping 2.4%, putting it squarely in fourth place out of the entire nation.
  • Population growth in Texas edged out its neighbors Florida and California, and the DFW area saw the greatest population increase overall.
  • With the population boom, the demand for housing in the DFW area is high. The average rent for a 2-bedroom unit is around $1,640 in Dallas (according to

When you pair that information with an owner-occupied housing rate of only 41%, you'll quickly see that the DFW area is primed for rental properties! It's research like this that is absolutely crucial when prepping your portfolio for a new property.

Of course, these are just overall figures by state and rough location; to get an in-depth picture of the potential of a particular property, you need boots-on-the-ground research from a DFW property management professional. This brings us to our next key point.

Why You Need DFW Property Management

If you want to succeed in long-distance investing and take advantage of the explosive growth of the DFW area (especially Dallas), then you need DFW property management to care for your properties when you can't be there in person.

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If you're investing from within the United States, you already know how massive our great nation is. Trying to be in two places at once as a landlord when you already have investment properties to run in your home state makes owning property across the nation challenging—if not entirely improbable. You need a professional to care for your properties elsewhere if you expect to see sustainable and profitable growth.

If you live outside of the country and plan to invest in the economic powerhouse that is Texas, it's a great way to diversify your holdings. However, you need the aid of property management in DFW just as much—if not more—than investors who live in the country! Not only are there timezone differences to deal with, but wrangling repairs and managing your renters takes on an entirely new dimension for investors that live abroad.

Working with a DFW property management expert like RentHub Property Management sets up your long-distance Dallas investments for success. It also gives you access to cutting-edge market research and information on how to grow your portfolio for FREE.

Want to see what we mean? Get started by downloading our free guide to real estate investing, then follow it up with our free rental analysis once you've used those tips to find an ideal property. We'll help you do the research and run the numbers to find a fit for you!

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