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Choosing a Property Manager in Garland: Top Traits to Look For

Maybe you've been investing for a few years, and have built up your portfolio with Garland investment properties. With one of the longest commutes in the Metroplex, managing multiple properties in Garland can start to become a serious time sink. Perhaps you're just starting to grow your investment portfolio—and you know right off the bat that you don't have the time or energy to manage a portfolio of properties on your own.

Whatever your experience level, selecting the right property manager in Garland can be a serious asset when maximizing the profits from your nearby investment properties. However, not all property management companies can provide the level of service you need as an investor.

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What Is a Property Manager?

Property management is the operation, control, and oversight of real estate. Your property management partner of choice should be able to handle crucial tasks such as:

  • Advertising your rental property
  • Screening applicants
  • Selecting tenants
  • Drawing up a lease agreement
  • Conducting inspections
  • Coordinating maintenance
  • Collecting rental income.

You can also expect a property manager in Garland to provide you with relevant information about your property and your finances. This assistance allows you to turn your property into a hands-off, income-earning machine.

Typically, such services fall under either a flat fee or a percentage of the profit that your property earns. This incentivizes your property manager to work hard to make sure your properties remain filled with high-quality tenants.

Property Management

Why Hire a Property Manager?

There are as many reasons to hire a property manager as there are property owners who hire them!

  • Some real estate investors have too many rental properties for them to manage on their own.
  • Some landlords live too far away to effectively manage their property and entrust that task to a property manager.
  • Some property owners are interested in their properties only as an investment and wish to outsource the day-to-day work.
  • Finally, many property owners who find themselves in tricky situations (such as those who participate in affordable housing programs) use a property manager because they want assistance with specialized knowledge that such programs often require.

Of course, the skills of a property manager in Garland don't just extend to affordable housing. You can generally expect some level of expertise in the following, as well:

  • Navigating the Fair Housing Act (FHA) and how it applies to tenant screening or service animals
  • Eviction assistance within the scope of federal, state, and local laws
  • Assessing damages and correctly withdrawing from the security deposit.

What Should I Look For?

If a property manager in Garland sounds like just what you need, then you're probably wondering what you need to look for!

As we said before, not all property managers are created equal—and if you're constantly checking their work to ensure that they're a good steward of your investment, then you've just swapped one type of work for another. There are three key things that you should seek in your search. These top traits will help you ensure that your chosen property manager is professional, flexible, and well recommended.

They Should Be Professional

Foremost among your considerations should be a property manager's professionalism. This trait can manifest in a few different areas. First of all, they should look the part and convey a professional image. Ensure that any property manager that you're considering has the following:

  • A modern, up-to-date website
  • A clean and organized office
  • Professional marketing materials.

These items are foundational things for a business to have in place. After all, if they don't take care of these things for themselves, can you be sure that they'll pay close attention to your property?

Another critical thing to look for is professional licenses and certifications. Under Texas real estate law, specific components of property management (particularly leasing and renting) are considered real estate activities. If you want your property manager to do things like list your Garland investment properties for lease or handle the collection of rent (and you almost certainly do), then they'll need to have a broker's license.

They Should Have an Online Presence

There are a couple of things that a professional property manager can do to make your life as an investor far easier. A property manager with a robust online presence will have a tenant portal that offers tenants the option of online rent payments. Online payments streamline the collection process, eliminates the risk of lost mail, and can mean the difference between a missed or late payment and a perfect rental history.

  • A worthwhile property manager will also offer a similar service to you as a property owner.
  • You should have easy access to financial statements and other information about your Garland investment properties Garland investment properties.
  • This portal should also serve to streamline communication with your property management company's staff.

A good property manager will make your investments truly passive.

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They Should Have Glowing Reviews

Finally, a good property manager will have reviews that reflect the quality of their work. Most businesses with an online presence and any amount of history will have reviews that you can find on Google or Yelp. It can also help to check with the local Chamber of Commerce or the Better Business Bureau for any complaints.

Don't forget that you always ask a potential property manager for references or client reviews! They should work to earn your business, and a professional property manager should have no problem providing references.

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