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How Much Tech Does Your Dallas Property Manager Use?

How much tech does your Dallas property manager use? How much tech should your Dallas property manager use? This isn't something many property owners think about when looking for the best Dallas property manager. However, at RentHub, we feel it's definitely worthy of investigation!

There are many ways that a tech-advanced property management company can provide better service to their real estate investor clients. When it comes to growing your portfolio in Dallas, this is a major component of your success! Renters in Dallas expect modern amenities—and they also expect modern service to match.

Happy couple receiving house keys from realtor1. Tech Helps Find Tenants Faster

Using the right technology can help find the most qualified tenants for your property faster. There are numerous ways this can be accomplished. For example, RentHub uses Rently's Self Showing Technology! This benefits our owners in a few ways. 

First, we can syndicate your rental listing to pretty much every platform out there with the click of a button, getting your beautiful Dallas property in front of potential renters faster. Additionally, using Rently means tenants can view the property on their schedule—not only when someone has time to meet them. Rently is safe and convenient and allows potential tenants to visit your available units to help them rent faster.

Additionally, few property management companies use 3D or video property tours. Most still rely on still shots, often taken from a cell phone—poorly. Tech-savvy property managers are excited to use video because it captures renter interest and keeps them from sliding right past your property listing.

Ultimately, what this means is that more people can see your property than one listed by a Dallas property manager that doesn't use tech. That convenience translates to happy applicants that want to live in your rental because it speaks volumes about the level of service available.

2. It Helps Reduce Costs

Technology creates efficiencies, which in turn reduce costs. Consider this situation: Your tenant clogs a toilet, and it will not stop overflowing. With a traditional property manager, they'll call the after-hours emergency line that will route them to the on-call maintenance phone number, which will likely result in a voicemail. Meanwhile, the toilet continues to spew water, and it is seeping into the hallway carpet, continuing to flow until maintenance can call back or get there.

With a tech-friendly property management company, your tenant can call and reach someone who will help them troubleshoot the issues ASAP, guiding them to turn off the water at the base of the toilet until maintenance can get there, containing the mess to a smaller space to reduce damage. That phrase "time is money" suddenly takes on a whole new meaning with the right Dallas property manager!

3. It Gets You Paid Faster

Companies that use tech to collect rent can do so faster and with increasing success. Think of it this way: if you have a tenant that hasn't paid yet, someone or some system needs to work to collect it. For most property management companies, that means someone has to pick up the phone to call your tenant, have the conversations, and send the notices. It takes staff time—and the more there is to do, the more likely there are to be errors.

If a company is big, this process may need to be done 100 times or more, meaning your property may end up on the list "somewhere." Alternately, if you partner with a company like RentHub, we use proprietary systems to automatically contact tenants. This helps us ensure that on the very day rent is marked late, contact has started and is working on getting you paid as soon as possible.

4. Better Peace of Mind

When you work with a Dallas property manager that embraces technology, you'll know they always know what is going on in their business—and with your property. Using the right mix of tech allows a property manager to click a couple of links, and then they can see the history of your property, tenant communications, work orders, and other crucial details.

Forgot something and need to look back a couple of years for taxes? No problem—we can email that right over!

  • Tech-driven property management means no digging through paper lease files or worrying about what could get lost.
  • Cloud-enabled data storage is here to stay—and your Dallas property manager should be using it.

Businessman using digital tablet5. an Overall Better Experience

From the beginning of your relationship with your tech-friendly property manager, you can just expect a better experience. From signing the onboarding documents seamlessly online to better, faster leasing, tenant management, and maintenance responsiveness, working with a property management company that embraces technology is the way to go! You'll have happier tenants who are more likely to renew their lease, too. When your renters decide to stay because of the experience they get from excellent property management, that results in fewer turnover costs for you!

If you need help taking the management of your portfolio to the next level, it's time to get in touch with RentHub. Feel at ease knowing your property is in good hands! Our onboarding process is quick and easy, so you can get back to doing the things that matter.

Speaking of which, one of those things is probably picking out the next property for your portfolio! If you're an investor looking to grow your holdings, there's never been a better time to download your FREE copy of our guide to real estate! When you work with the best in Dallas property management, adding a new investment to your portfolio has never been easier—but where do you start? Let our free guide to real estate investing get you started!

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