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How Home Automation Technology Benefits Renters (and McKinney Property Owners)

Home automation is not new, but some real estate investment owners are just now catching on. By adding home automation technology to their properties, they can increase rental ROI and attract better tenants. Renters love the idea of having this tech in their homes because they know that it will make them feel safer and more comfortablewhich can increase the chances that they'll renew a lease! 

What kind of home automation technology are we talking about? Learn more from our McKinney, Tx property management team.

What Tech Does Your Rental Properties Need?

While the right property manager won't suggest that you equip rental homes with dishwashing robots, some in-demand tech can appeal to rentals and help them stand out in the market. 

Alexa home devices and Google Home are popular technology solutions that appeal to residents.  These devices are intuitive and easy to use. A property management expert knows they're an excellent way for McKinney rental owners to make their homes more attractive while adding conveniences that help renters save time and feel safe. With these devices, residents can use voice activation to control the lights, open and close the garage door, lock the house, or adjust the thermostat. 

Working with property managers to update your investment property with technology like the Nest thermostat can also be a nice perk for residents. This smart home device manages the temperature in the home with its smart thermostat device, keeping renters comfortable without wasting energy or money!

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Small Luxuries Can Become a Necessity

As property management experts, we realize that Alexa isn't a critical tool that renters need in a home. However, sometimes small luxuries like smart home automation technology can become a necessity when helping your rentals stand out from the competition.

These upgrades are minor financial investments that appeal to busy families or young professionals in the McKinney areaand property managers know that these features can make the difference for a renter looking for the best new rental home. 

Technology Can Boost the Rent

While these technologies aren't new, they continuously evolve and become more integrated into our everyday lives across multiple devices. The rent for your property could also go up with the addition of these features. When rentals become more competitive, McKinney property management best practices call for adjusting the rental price to boost your bottom line. 

Don't "Over-Tech" A Rental Property

Too much technology can be a bad thing! Before adding technology to every aspect of your rental property, make sure the automation you add doesn't make the home too difficult to operate. 

A McKinney property management company can tell you that if you go "all in" on home automation with smart wifi-enabled appliances, Google Home, and smart locksbut the electricity goes out or everything malfunctions at the same timerenters won't be able to lock the front door, use the washer, or turn off the lights and go to bed. 

Use Property Management Services to Get the Tech "Just Right"

Choosing just the right amount of home automation can boost the appeal of your property, while "over-teching" your rental can frustrate renters and send them to an "analog" home with house keys and manual-only light switches when it's time to renew the lease. Renters want homes that don't cause stress or keep them from simply making dinner in the evening with efficient appliances that work when they need them to work. 

Work with a McKinney property management company to research and install the right home automation solutions that make the best sense for your target renters while keeping the monthly rent competitive. 

If your rentals attract older generations, they might not want to deal with digital door locks or an app to turn off the lights. However, a property manager knows that millennials and Gens X and Z are more likely to enjoy smart home conveniences and jump at the chance to be your next residents!

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Make Sure You Understand the Tech, Too (or Get Property Management Help)

Don't add Google home features to your Dallas Fort-Worth property if you're not sure how it works (or don't have property management help)! If you like the idea of home automation technology but you're not sure how to make it work or show residents how to use it, work with a professional property management team to handle it for you! 

A property manager is familiar with what renters want and can help you deliver the best approach to just the right amount of rental property technology that maximizes your return on investment. 

A McKinney Property Management Company Helps Alexa Delight Renters (and Boost ROIs)

What does a McKinney real estate investment owner need to know about home automation? Well, the most important thing is that it can make your home more attractive and desirable. Whether you invest in Alexa or Google Home products for renters to use at their leisure, they’ll be happy with your investment while also being able to enjoy all of the benefits of living in your property. 

If you want help boosting ROI as an investor in residential properties, check out RentHub today! We offer expert McKinney property management services, including maintenance and tenant screening to find quality renters for your in-demand rentals. If you're ready to talk "tech," give us a call!

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