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How to Evaluate Schools Before Buying a Plano Rental Property

Investing in Plano, Texas properties can be risky if you don't have a good handle on the factors affecting your return. Even though you may find what appears to be a great deal on the house, investors need to consider all factors impacting the home's value. Not only should you think about the home's ability to generate a steady stream of monthly rental income, but you must also think through the long-term value of the home to make a wise investment.

One way to ensure you are on the right path with your potential investment property is to research schools in the community and see how they could affect your return on the investment. Then, with the help of a Plano, Texas property management expert, investors run the numbers and make changes to boost profits! A rental management company is also equipped to evaluate a given property from all angles.

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The Role of Schools When Choosing An Investment Property

The location of an investment property is something most investors consider right from the start. Maybe you've looked at the neighborhood in terms of the crime rate in the area, access to highways, and the availability of nearby shopping. Still, another critical factor is the quality of schools in the area. What type of schools are near your potential investment, and how will they affect your ability to find quality renters and improve renewals? School quality is a contributing factor to your return on investment calculation and your future selling potential.

Investment Factors to Consider

When choosing a new property, you might primarily wonder, "how much can I rent my house for?" However, school quality can impact competitive rental prices and limit your ability to generate a positive return on investment. Therefore, property owners should consider a few factors when evaluating schools and a potential real estate investment. 

Impact on Monthly Cash Flow

Any investment is going to have its pros and cons. Weighing these against the asking price helps determine whether it will pay off as a good monthly source of income. A property owner needs an investment that rents quickly, has perks that attract renters, and doesn't need many (or any) immediate repairs (unless the price is below market value). Having a Plano, Texas property management company assess the pros and cons and determine how much the home would generate monthly can help you decide to buy a property or keep looking for something that's a better investment.

If a house is located in a community with high-rated schools, this can significantly benefit the quality of the rental unit. Young families will consider these schools when searching for a home. Additionally, you may be able to ask for more rent if the schools are superb.

Resale Value

While most rental property owners invest to generate rental income for many years, it's also critical to keep your eye on the end game. What will the home's value be if you want to sell it? Will it bring you a profit? These are essential questions to consider when considering a Plano, Texas investment property. Nearby schools can impact your rental income now, as well as the long-term resale of the property.

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What School Factors Influence Property Value?

What makes a school in one community higher quality than a school in another area? It boils down to three main areas.

Test Performance

Every year, schools administer achievement tests to students. Schools with higher performance results get a higher rating from organizations such as According to some reports, this rating can increase the value of a home. The rationale is that test performance indicates how well the school helps educate children in the area.

School Budget Expenditure

Another connection that can influence school quality and home value is the amount of money spent on public schools in a community. A property manager can tell you that communities that spend more on schools and education have higher home values. However, this indicator is not always predictable because some schools can outperform other schools even with a smaller budget.

Student-to-Teacher Ratio

Property managers can tell you that the teacher-student ratio can also influence home buyers and, ultimately, the value of your investment. With fewer students to every individual teacher, the students may get a better education. Although these factors may influence a school's rating and home's value, some people visit the school to see for themselves. However, knowing the impact a school can have on your investment is a critical piece of information to have when choosing a property that generates excellent ROIs!

A Plano, Texas Property Management Company Helps Investors Evaluate Rental Properties

Gathering local school data and calculating potential investment property returns can be tricky unless you have a rental management company there to assist you. Before buying your next rental property in the Plano area, work with the best property management companies to run the numbers and help you make an informed decision! RentHub is here to help investors find, analyze, buy, and sell investment properties. Reach out soon to talk more about how our property management services can help improve ROI!

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