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Why Hardware Helps Boost North Texas Rental Property Returns

Sometimes the best investment for long-term wealth is a North Texas rental property. However, most rental properties need some updates to attract quality renters and maximize the return on investment. 

What if all it takes is a little elbow grease, some creativity, and a few budget dollars to spruce up your home's kitchen, bathroom, or main entrance? Our North Texas property management team often advice property owners to tackle these simple (yet profitable) updates to boost ROIs. Keep reading to learn more about what we recommend. 

Why Hardware Matters

You might not notice door hinges or cabinet pulls in your own home, but outdated hardware in the bathroom and kitchen can make a rental property look old and dingy. Residential property managers know that if the kitchen needs some modernization, replacing hinges and pulls can be a cost-effective and quick way to improve the value and appeal of a rental unitwithout needing the time or bigger budget for a complete renovation. 

Replacing outdated doors, locksets, cabinets, light fixtures—even hardware on doors—can be an easy way to revitalize your North Texas rental property. We've pulled together some of our favorite rental property renovations that can boost returns with minimal cash outlay to attract new tenants without putting too much money into cosmetic changes like painting or staining walls.

Installing New Cabinet Hardware

Replacing cabinet hardware draws the eye to these frequently ignored surfaces. A shiny new pull or hinge can make a kitchen or bathroom look polished and updatedeven if the cabinets themselves are old. The best property management companies recommend choosing hardware with care to match your existing style (or create contrast, as you see fit). 

worker installs furniture door handle on the kitchen cabinet.

If updating the cabinets is on your list of rental property renovations, another good idea is to give those doors a facelift by coating them with a fresh coat of paint. So rather than the time and expense of new cabinets, the kitchen or bathroom gets a facelift with "like new" cabinets with new paint and hardware. 

Installing new cabinet hardware is not only a low-cost way to improve the appearance of your property, it's also easy to do. Unless you'd prefer that a property manager handles this upgrade task, hinges and cabinet pulls are easy to remove and replace with a screwdriver, in most cases. 

Replacing Door Hardware

New doorknobs might be one of the most cost-effective ways to improve the value of North Texas rental properties. Replacing them with contemporary hardware can be a particularly effective way to give doors and entrances a brand new look without changing out the entire doorframe. Plus, replacing rusty hinges is an easy fix that keeps your property management team from having to worry about emergency maintenance when renters deal with a door that's stuck closed. 


Rental property owners have the option to keep the original exterior lockset if it's still in working order or replace it with a shiny new one for a more modern feel. 

Updating Locksets

Outdated locksets can cause problems for renters who struggle to open the front door with rusty keys or locks. While you're replacing doorknobs, swapping out old key locks with new smart locks helps renters feel more secure. Smart locks also eliminate the expense of replacing locks between residents. Instead, investment property owners can simply change the code on the lock when tenants move out. 

"Simple" Doesn't Mean You Have to Do It

Simple upgrades like we've mentioned here are easy enough for more property owners to take care of on their own. However, if you have multiple rental properties in the North Texas area or you don't have the time to make these updates in addition to working a full-time job, there's no reason why your properties should lose out on a potential rent increase because it's still outdated. 

A rental property management firm can handle upgrades from simple tasks like replacing doorknobs to more significant renovations. When investment properties have more features that attract quality renters, investors can justify a rate increase and experience better quality residentsto critical elements of improving rental property returns!

If you're searching for "property management near me," the right property managers can identify the best ways to upgrade rental properties without blowing your budget. With smart updates and expert property management insights, owners spend less money while investing in features that pay off long-term. 

Choose a North Texas Property Management Company For Property Updates and Better Returns!

Real estate investments are a long-term strategy to build wealth. Along the way, rental properties require routine maintenance, repairs, and thoughtful upgrades to increase the return on investment. The best property management company can help you identify the best updates to attract and retain quality renters who deliver consistent rental income. If you're thinking about ways to improve your properties, the RentHub team is here to help! With our local experience and residential property management services, we help investors buy, sell, and rent properties for long-term success. Reach out soon to learn more about what we do for investors!

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