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Dallas Real Estate Rental Listings During COVID-19: Where Should You List?

Even during a global pandemic—and perhaps more than ever—renters in Dallas are looking for a safe, reliable home while our city continues in lockdown. While our 'safer-at-home' order has been extended until May 15th, some are calling for an extension all the way to May 31st. During this time, people are going to need a place to live—even if we're hunting for rental homes with our face masks on.

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If you're working from home and wondering what to do with your vacant rental properties, now is the time to get them listed and back on the market—before restrictions lift on the 15th. This gives you the opportunity to reach a wider audience with your Dallas real estate rental listings while folks are still at home.

However, once you put together a compelling listing for your property, where do you put it? A wonderfully-written property listing with professional photos won't help you find the right renter without getting it in front of them, and the majority of modern renters are now looking for their next pad online—and not just because of social distancing, either. Online Dallas real estate rental listings have dominated the market since at least 2006!

Given that, in most cases, your next renters will find your Dallas investment property online first. However, if you don't see much interest in your property—and you're not receiving applications—you might not be listed in the right place. Just because you post your Dallas real estate rental listings online doesn't mean they'll get the traffic they deserve: not all listing sites have the same visibility.

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Thankfully, we're here to help! When you're listing your rental homes from home, here are RentHub's top 10 locations to list. 

1. Craigslist

Shocking? It turns out that Craigslist is good for more than just unloading your old couch or finding a roommate! Craigslist is an excellent place to list your rental property. If you haven't put your listing here, you're missing out on a large portion of the Dallas area rental market. 

A perk for property owners is that listings are free! Even though the site isn't as pretty to look at as other real estate websites, Craigslist is a top resource for landlords when looking for a new renter. Just be sure to include those gorgeous photos, and you'll already be a step ahead of the competition posting here! Nobody trusts a Craigslist listing sans pictures.

2. Zillow Rental Manager

Did you know? Zillow isn't just for buying or selling homes. Listing your rental property helps get it in front of a broad audience of people looking through Dallas real estate rental listings. 

  • Just like Craigslist, there's no fee to list your property on Zillow.
  • Plus, you get the benefit of Zillow's syndicate websites—talk about a win-win!
  • Your property will appear on a total of 26 different syndicates when you list.


Listing on puts your property in the hands of your next tenant—literally! The mobile app is one of the best tools to help renters find your property. 

  • In 2018, 52% of all internet traffic happened via mobile phones—with some projections at 68%.
  • Renters scroll through property listings while waiting to pick up food or watching their favorite TV shows.
  • If your Dallas real estate rental listings aren't on, your properties are missing out on a wide audience!

4. Cozy 

When you list on Cozy, you'll also see your property on and Doorsteps. Cozy allows you to customize your URL to give your rental listings a professional look when appealing to potential renters or posting your property on social media. It's another free resource that broadens your audience of potential renters, and free is good!


This website is a go-to resource for renters looking for an apartment—but it's not just for apartments! List your rental house, condo, or townhome on, too. It only takes a few minutes to walk through the listing process and upload your photos to the website. 

6. Trulia

Trulia is one of Zillow Rental Manager's sister websites, and it's worth making sure your property lists here! If you allow pets in your property, potential renters looking for a home in Dallas have the option to search for pet-friendly rentals. Make sure you note your pet-friendly policy when loading your property listing onto the Trulia website!

7. Lovely

As soon as you post your newly-available rental on Lovely, it shows up in red! Red homes on the interactive map features help potential tenants find the newest homes to hit the rental market. 

Lovely also allows landlords to choose available amenities from a bulleted list of options. You can also note the pet policy for your rental property here to broaden your audience.

8. Rentdigs

The free listing and features from Rentdigs are well worth posting your Dallas real estate rental listings on their website. Rentdigs also posts to their sister sites, including Oodle and 

The Rentdigs site was created by landlords, for landlords—making it very property-owner-friendly as you work through your listing. Renters also enjoy using Rentdigs to find their next rental home because they get free quotes from potential moving companies. 

9. Nextdoor

You might know of Nextdoor as your local social media hub for community conversations and event awareness. Nextdoor combines that social, neighborhood feel with local property listings for a highly engaging and visible place to list your property.

10. Social Media

When listing your rental property, be sure you share it on your social media pages! Describe your property, post photos, and ask your social networking friends to share the link. Word of mouth and personal social media referrals can help you find the right renters!

Why DIY? Give RentHub a Try!

The best way to get your rental property listing on all of these top websitesand more— is to hire an expert property manager! RentHub not only knows where to find your next renter, but we also know how to get their eyes on your property prize. 

We go above and beyond by covering the cost of a 3D virtual tour of your home! A 3D virtual tour provides your rental with high-quality HDR photos, a detailed floor plan, and an interactive 3D Tour that helps your future renters see themselves in your property from the comfort of their couch.

From there, we offer keyless and self-showing technology to help your residents-to-be safely visit your properties—even during social distancing! There's plenty of reasons to love RentHub—and we're ready to do what we love to help property owners like you! Get in touch with us today to put us to work for your portfolio.

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