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A vs. B vs. C Class Neighborhoods: Picking the Right McKinney Rental Property For Your Portfolio

A vs. B vs. C Class properties—what's the difference? If you plan to invest in McKinney rental properties, it's critical to know! 

Property classes can influence if you'll be able to find enough renters to keep your property occupied, the condition of the property (and how much you'll need to invest in renovations), and ultimately, your returns

If you've never explored different types of property according to neighborhood classes, the RentHub property management team is here to help! Keep reading to learn the significant differences between the three categories of real estate investments in the North Texas area and how they can impact your bottom line. 

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What Are Property "Classes?" 

There are three different classifications for single-family properties in the real estate industry, and every investor needs to decide if they will invest in categories A, B, or C. Properties and locations receive informal ratings from brokers and real estate investors. Class A properties are the highest grade and quality of homes, while Class C properties are usually lower-income and lower-quality homes.

Investors can make money and find success when choosing rentals in any class A, B, or C neighborhood. Many rental property owners choose a mix of these properties to meet different needs in the North Dallas area. However, it's essential to understand the type of properties in each class and the potential risks and additional budget investments needed for success with each type of property. 

A Class Properties and Neighborhoods

You might consider these homes as located in “pride of ownership” Dallas Fort Worth neighborhoods. While you'll find plenty of rental homes in Class A neighborhoods, most of these homes are purchased by homeowners who live in the properties they own. 

A typical A-class neighborhood has newly-built or recently renovated homes. You'll find houses in pristine condition with no significant signs of deterioration or past-due maintenance issues. Homeowners in these neighborhoods take great pride in their houses and properties with well-manicured lawns and landscaping. 

Property managers consider these houses to be "luxury" rentals that offer top-class amenities to renters who want all of the perks and benefits of high-class living without the responsibilities of maintaining these homes themselves. They don't always make excellent investments. Class A properties can be pricey and require a lot of work and long-term residents to generate enough returns for investors. 

While we won't say "don't" invest in Class A homes, work with a property manager in McKinney Texas to research the home, area, and potential returns before purchasing. 

Class B Properties

Most investors target Class B properties and neighborhoods to build successful rental property portfolios. You'll find the widest selection of available properties in B-class neighborhoods and serve most of the local population. While it's not true for every Class B neighborhood, you'll often find the most success where blue-collar workers live. You'll know you're in a good spot when you see cable vans or utility vehicles parked in driveways.

When searching for ideal rental properties in Class B neighborhoods, target areas with a renter-to-homeowner ratio of 35/65 percent. These communities are a good mix of established homeowners and renters at a price point that keeps your rentals competitive and in demand. 

B-Class neighborhoods offer plenty of decent amenities, including recreation, parks, and schools. Crime rates are low, rents are affordable, and investors can often generate excellent returns by delivering well-kept homes without overspending on expensive properties or upkeep. 

If you're getting started as a new landlord, Class B properties are an excellent way to start and experience excellent success! Investors can also add value and upgrade Class B properties to Class A residences with smart upgrades over time. Doing this can boost rental rates, help you renew more good tenants, and increase your ROIs!

Class C Properties

You'll find more renters and rental properties in Class C neighborhoods. However, Class C properties are primarily in “run-down” neighborhoods that are less attractive to higher-quality tenants. Investors often experience high turnover rates in these neighborhoods despite their best efforts to manage tenants and rentals well. 

Class C neighborhood residents also deal with high crime rates, gangs, and drug activity, making these homes unattractive to many families or young professionals looking for rental homes. Many investors find these properties in poor condition, requiring extensive (and expensive) renovations before they're ready to rent. 

It's possible to generate good cash flow in Class C neighborhoods. However, be prepared to assume more risk with these properties than in Class B or A neighborhoods. Successful investors must run a tight ship, have strong leases, and apply strict screening and enforcement protocols to generate acceptable returns on these rentals. 

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Analyze Potential Properties and Maximize Returns with McKinney Property Management

Ready for your next (or first) investment? Let an expert McKinney property management company help you analyze the market and neighborhoods to find properties with the best potential for your success!

RentHub knows the McKinney and surrounding North Texas neighborhoods well. We apply cutting-edge technology and our experience to help investors avoid properties that won't generate the returns they need. We also help property owners target areas that are the best fit for their goals and returns! If you're looking at a rental property, let us deliver expert rental analysis before you close. 

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