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What to Look Out For In a Trustworthy Top-Tier Property Management Company

Owning a real estate investment property can be a challenge, as there is constantly so much to manage. You need to balance the requirements of your real estate space, tenants, maintenance needs, as well as keep an eye out for future investment properties. 

Finding a balance between these responsibilities and your full-time job, family, or other obligations is best done when you have a Frisco property management company you can rely on and trust. There needs to be a partnership between you and your property management company in order to succeed as a landlord.

Issues With Poor Property Management Companies

You will know over time if you do not have a quality property management company. One of the warning signs to look out for in a Frisco property management company with a selfish approach is a lot of squeeze for services. When you are paying a la carte for every single thing they do, including very basic services, this is an issue. 

Property management companies also need to have your clients or renters as their top priority. When they are not paying attention to their requests, such as doing maintenance when necessary, your renters suffer and may find themselves apprehensive to renew their lease. The same goes for general responsiveness. When you call your property management company, they should answer the phone.


Tenant Screening and Pet Screening to Help With Rental Payments

You need your Frisco property management company to do their homework before they bring any tenant on-site to your location. The top property management companies will have a robust screening process that allows them to look at every facet of the tenant equation. They will look at the history of the tenants to make sure they are going to be financially able to pay in a timely manner and take care of the residence. They will even do a pet screening in the event they are bringing a furry friend with them. 

The screening process when bringing on new tenants is critical as it gives you peace of mind over what you can expect from your real estate investment. Top tenants pay on time, take care of your property, and give you comfort across the board that the day-to-day is going well. 

Benefits of a Top-Tier Property Management Company

What are some of the things to look out for in a top-tier property management company? One of them has to do with the pricing plan they offer. As we laid out above, an a la carte model is not ideal as you will be paying for every single service they do. Pricing plan models give you the ability to choose the suite of services and pay one price point for everything as part of that.

The pricing plan models from a Frisco property management company like RentHub include the ability to take care of maintenance needs, finances, client relationships, and more. The pricing plans are widespread and should allow you as a real estate investment professional to figure out if you want to be hands-off or do a bit more while the property management company handles the rest.


The Value of the Guarantee

One of the unique things you do not see too often from Frisco property management companies is guarantees. At RentHub, you are going to see a suite of guarantees that will give you peace of mind and protection in knowing you will get the best service possible.

One of the guarantees they offer is what is the Eviction Guarantee. In the event they place a tenant in your property who needs eviction, they guarantee they will cover up to $1,000 of court costs if that is necessary. 

There is also a guarantee around their services in general. Typically once you sign on with a property management company, you are stuck with them until the contract comes to a close. The “Love Us or Leave Us” guarantee RentHub offers gives you the ability to terminate the agreement at any time. If you are not satisfied with what they are doing, you can break away and seek out another provider.

Letting You Focus on the Investment

The goal of a Frisco property management company is to give you the ability to focus on your real estate investment portfolio. As an investor, you need to do all you can to keep your eyes out for what is next, so that you can continue to grow. When you have a property management company you trust, you have peace of mind in knowing everything is running smoothly on-site, so you can hone in on the business side of things. 

If you want to learn more about what a top-tier property management company can provide to you, reach out to the team at RentHub today!

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