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Why Hire Plano Property Management When You Can DIY?

The internet is full of answers for just about any rental property problem you could have in the Plano area. With so much information and how-to resources at your fingertips, why hire full-service property management to do what you can do on your own? 

  • When it comes to managing your Plano rental homes, doing things on your own helps you feel like you're maximizing your budget and developing skills as a well-rounded property investor.
  • Wasting money on professional services and industry experience is a silly way to build a profitable real estate portfolio when you could pocket those expenses and save money with a Google search and a trip to the hardware store. 

The internet makes us all experts at building a real estate empire...So why do the experts turn to professional Plano property management services?

When you choose DIY, here's what you can expect from your rental property business!

Warning: This blog is dangerously satirical.

Couple Using Bucket For Collecting Water Leakage From Ceiling And Calling Plumber On Cellphone

Repair Plumbing 'Like' a Pro

Plumbing licenses and certifications only add costs when hiring a professional to fix plumbing issues. The guy that works the plumbing aisle at Home Depot earned that spot for a reason! With today's smartphones and the store's free Wi-Fi, you can search online for the tools and parts you need, then confirm your shopping list with the plumbing expert right there in person.

You might need to make four or five trips to the store to get everything you need. What could take a professional about an hour to fix might take you the better part of your 'free' weekend to complete after correcting your mistakes—but it's worth it not to let a Plano plumber take advantage of you with overpriced services and knowledge you can find online for free.

In the end, that running toilet turned into a complete toilet replacement and you'll need to spend next weekend fixing the damaged tile around the toilet—but it was worth it. 

The Right Tools Make Electrical Work Shockingly Easy

Rewiring a light fixture or replacing outdated electrical outlets is something a child could probably do with the right tools and information. Small hands certainly would make it easier to get into those small sockets and grip wires (we do NOT recommend your kids get anywhere near this kind of DIY rental property repair).

When attempting electrical work on your own, you need the right tools for the job. Another trip to the hardware store, and you'll find plenty of tools you...can't use for the job (and many that you won't use, but might buy anyway). 

Before removing light fixtures or swapping out switches, be sure to turn off the power source. You'll only need to learn that lesson once. Don't worry: we're sure you budgeted for the cost of trips to the ER, and your renters won't mind eating in the dark while they wait for you to come back to fix that light switch.

Free Seasonal Maintenance Checklist

Never Trust Technology When You Can Trust Yourself

Spreadsheets are always the best way to track:

  • Lease renewals
  • Payment reminders
  • Late rental payments
  • Rental property maintenance schedules.

Accepting rental payments by check is also the only trustworthy way to collect them. If you can set a reminder in your Outlook calendar, that's all the technology you need for rental property success in Plano.

Professional Plano property management companies that tout technology solutions are playing with systems bound to fail, right? It's okay that you missed four rental payments last month and forgot to send a renewal reminder to a renter this month. You'll catch up when your laptop comes back from the repair shop, and you can print that spreadsheet again... 

...Or, You Can Have Everything Done for You—and Finally Relax

DIY doesn't sound so great when you really look at what it takes to do everything yourself! Too many trips to the hardware store, repairs that take every free moment, spending more to do the job—thrice—and personal injuries can't be the real estate investment experience you want!

Let's save you from another trip to the store (or the emergency room)! With a professional Plano property management company, you don't need to suffer through life as a rental property owner. We provide:

  • Professional contractors for quality maintenance and repairs—without overpaying for services
  • Expert industry knowledge so you can Google things you want to do with your free time (instead of how to do repairs on your nights and weekends)
  • Technology solutions that help you never miss a renewal or rental payment (and you can access it from your phone anywhere, anytime).

We can't promise to keep you out of the ER for other reasons, but we can keep you from hurting yourself while trying to upgrade your property's electrical plugs to smart outlets. 

Man holding electrical cable after domestic accident with burnt face calling with mobile phone asking for help Electricity repairs and DIY

Don't Pay the Price of DIY

The most significant consequence of DIY is losing renters who are unhappy in your Plano rental homes. Let RentHub do it for you and keep your renters happy with high-quality rental property maintenance and easier ways to pay the rent (on time)! You deserve your free time to use in ways that make you happy (and keep you safe).

Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you as a Plano rental property owner!

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