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Millennials and Gen Z Want Energy-Efficient Rental Homes. Are You Prepared?

Are your Frisco rental properties ready for millennials or Gen Z renters? If your property hasn't gone green yet, you may be losing "green."

These renters are looking for energy-efficient homes! If you haven't made updates to attract these valuable residents, even when following our best property management tips, you might find yourself without the best renters for your properties.

Energy-efficient properties are good for investors, too! The right upgrades can benefit your taxes and save money for you when covering property expenses in between renters. What are the top energy-efficient features young renters want in a rental home? As an expert Frisco property management company, we know these five features will keep your properties attractive to younger generations of renters.

1. An Energy-Efficient Location

Did you know that your Frisco property's location can work against the energy-efficient perception of the rental? Depending on the direction the home faces, long hours of hot North Texas sunlight and heat can raise utility bills and make your rentals unattractive to renters—even if it's the best rental house on the block.

A location that isn't close to shopping, restaurants, parks, or other local amenities also lowers the "walkability score" and can be a turn-off for millennials and Gen Z renters.

If you already own a rental that isn't in an ideal location, we're not suggesting that you sell it if it's generating the income you need. However, when it's time to buy a new property, consult a Frisco property management company to choose a location that supports greener living and attracts quality renters.

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2.  Swap the Bulbs

It's time to let go of any lightbulbs that aren't LED. Swapping out the lightbulbs for LED replacements throughout a Frisco rental property can significantly reduce energy costs for your residents.

Before you worry about the cost of an all-house LED makeover, these bulbs are now some of the lowest-cost choices on the market—in most cases, less expensive than halogen and incandescent bulbs. Plus, LED bulbs last long enough that your renter might never need to change a bulb during their lease term

Advertising your LED-lighted home in the rental listing will help catch the eye of quality Gen Z and millennial renters! 

3. Replace the Appliances

Energy-efficient appliances are extremely attractive to younger generations of renters. From washers and dryers to the refrigerator and dishwasher, replacing out-dated appliances with greener options will catch the attention of energy-saving renters more than any other feature in your property.

While it is an upfront investment for investors, many energy-efficient appliances are more reasonably priced now than when they first hit the market years ago. Plus, renters are willing to pay more in rent for energy-saving features that help them lower personal expenses throughout their lease term in your Frisco rental. Young generations of renters will also appreciate your commitment to earth-conscious home features that align with conservation values. 

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4. Help Renters Recycle

Recycling is easy when living in Frisco and other areas throughout the metroplex! The best Frisco property management company welcomes new residents with helpful information about how to recycle at home. Make sure your property also has the required recycling cart to collect recyclable items and helps collection take place once a week. 

Include information about items that the weekly city pickup can't take in the recycling bins. Recyclable items like grocery bags, household batteries, and styrofoam can be recycled with a quick trip to the local recycling center. 

5. Keep the Weather Out

North Texas can experience a wide range of temperatures throughout the year. Keeping a year-round maintenance schedule and addressing areas that keep the weather out helps renters appreciate an energy-efficient home.

If you're not sure where to start, the right professional Frisco property management will:

  • Check weather-stripping and caulking and repair cracks or gaps around doors and windows during routine inspections. 
  • Recommend the best insulation options to keep renters comfortable indoors while protecting the environment
  • Inspect roofing, gutters, attics, and garages to find and repair holes, gaps, or other weak points that let air in and out of the home
  • Service the HVAC system in the fall and spring to keep it running efficiently while heating and cooling your Frisco property

Sealing your rental property is a simple and cost-effective way to help residents reduce energy costs. Make it a routine part of your maintenance schedule before, during, and after every lease term to attract better-quality millennial and Gen Z renters! 

A Property Manager Helps You Offer In-Demand Energy-Efficient Features

Offering an energy-efficient Frisco rental property is easier to do with the best local property management company! Energy-saving features and appliances are no longer cost-prohibitive for rental properties. With the best Frisco property management team and a conservation-friendly approach to your rental properties, you'll attract more millennial and Gen Z residents!

RentHub can help you set your rentals up for success with younger generations. They make excellent residents! Plus, investors benefit from energy-saving updates, too. Contact us to learn how we can help!

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