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How Cleaning Boosts Long-term ROI for Richardson Rental Properties

Richardson, TX, real estate investment professionals must continually find ways to help their rentals stand out from the competition and increase ROI. It might seem too simple to be an effective way to boost returns, but overlooking the impact of a clean rental can lead to lost income!

Practicing this simple activity consistently keeps rental properties in excellent conditions and helps investors find (and keep) better quality tenants. Can deep cleaning increase your revenue? Check out these insights from our Richardson property management experts. 

Cleaning is Low Cost (With a Big Impact)

Applying cost-effective strategies to delivering a better single-family rental property is one of the best ways to boost your return on investment. When considering best practices you can add or improve to your routine property management tasks, compare the cost of cleaning supplies or even a cleaning professional to property upgrades or renovations. 

The low cost and simple task of keeping rentals clean between residents can pay off faster than the next round of property updates.  

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Why Does Cleaning Matter So Much for Real Estate Investments?

Every renter wants to move into a new home that welcomes them with a clean environment. Property management experts know that move-in day can be a disappointing experience for new tenants if they find dirty floors, grimey bathtubs, dusty window blinds, and strange smells in their new rental house. 

Starting a new relationship with renters that you hope turn into long-term residents means taking care of every detail to welcome them into a new home with an excellent first impression. The simple task of thoroughly cleaning every aspect of each room can make the difference between the start of a good relationship or the beginning of unhappy tenants and a long lease term before they can move out again. 

Setting the standard for the cleanest rental homes in Richardson can boost your reputation as an excellent rental property owner (and attract quality tenants that improve your returns)!

Cleaning Improves Investment Property Values

It's not all about the tenants! Property management experts know that clean properties also maintain their values over time.

Cleaning routinely helps property owners identify areas that might need repair instead of more scrubbing. Deep cleans during the make-ready process also prevent problems like mold, mildew, and pest infestations from becoming costly issues that make your rentals unlivable until remediation measures take place. 

A property management company also recommends keeping an eye on tenants and their cleanliness habits! Allowing renters to let dirt, trash, and other unsanitary habits pile up in your rental property can also lead to lower property values and costly repairs. 

Cleaning Supplies (and Effort) Are Low Cost

Stepping up your cleaning game is some of the best low-hanging fruit to deliver quality rentals and boost returns. A high-quality real estate investment property can command higher rent prices in the Richardson and DFW areas than rentals that aren't well-kept or clean. 

There's no need to run out and buy expensive cleaning products or stock up on costly supplies to get the job done! Cleaning solutions and supplies are low cost. Grab a friend, your property manager, or hire someone for the afternoon to scrub a property and get it ready for move-in day. 

Whether you make your own low-cost cleaning solutions or buy non-toxic products to deliver a clean home, a property management expert advises that all supplies and cleaning methods must meet the highest sanitation standards to enhance the move-in experience for renters. 

All-Purpose Cleaners Can Conquer a Lot of Grime

A good all-purpose cleaner can conquer a lot of dirt on a variety of surfaces throughout a property. If you make your own cleaner, use ingredients like white vinegar, water, lemon rind, as well as rosemary sprigs. Put an equal amount of white vinegar and water into the spray bottle, along with the rind and sprigs. Shake it in the spray bottle and let it sit for a week. After this week goes by, you have an effective all-purpose cleaner for the home.

Plus, with these ingredients, your rental property also has a clean, inviting aroma for new residents. 

Be Careful When Cleaning Counters and Appliances

An all-purpose cleaner may not cut it for your appliances or kitchen countertops. Depending on these surfaces, mild solutions are all you need to clean, disinfect, and see them shine again. Baking soda and some warm water create a solution to clean your whole kitchen. It also helps to eliminate odors!

Don't Forget Windows

Here's one more property management pro tip: dirty windows can take away from the sparkle of an otherwise clean property. Use non-streaking solutions to clean windows inside and out. 

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A Richardson Property Management Company Keeps Rentals Clean!

Your real estate investments (and returns) benefit from consistent cleaning! While we're not suggesting you show up at the door with a mop and bucket to clean for your renters, make sure your make-ready process includes a deep cleaning—and hold residents accountable for keeping properties clean. 

If you don't have the time or patience to clean, a full-service property management team can do it for you! RentHub prioritizes clean and well-maintained properties to build long-term relationships with renters and boost your ROIs. Before it's time for your next tenant, reach out to learn how we can help.

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