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Earn Thousands in Referral Fees & Protect Sales Commissions

Whether you are looking to replace your current property manager or you are seeking to hire one for your rental property, there are many things to consider.

You want your investment to work for you, not the other way around!

RentHub is a Dallas-owned, full-service property management company that has 40+ years experience handling properties and consulting property management companies.

How Our Referral Program Works


Refer a Client to Us

Does this client make real estate investments?
Clients making real estate investments are an excellent referral. Tell them we’ll contact them.

We’ll Set Up a Client Meeting

We explain our management services.
We discuss how we can be of assistance to them regarding their professional property management needs.

We Pay you

You will receive a commission payment once your client signs a management services agreement with us.

The Benefits of Joining Our Partnership


You Keep Your Clients

We’re in the business of property management. Each time your client expresses an interest in buying or selling, our platform will automatically send you the information you need to capture the sale. Guaranteed.

You can continue focusing on your strengths

Property management requires a different operational approach. Why hassle with managing rentals when you can focus on your strengths? Our referral program makes it possible for you to serve your clients with your expertise, while we serve them with ours.

Our Service Is Guaranteed

We are looking for long-term partners, not just another referral source. It is essential that you have peace of mind when you refer your hard-earned clients and that's what you will receive as a valued partner. As an added bonus, we pay a referral fee of $500 for every property owner that signs up for service!

Starting a Partnership

Earn up to $500 per referral that signs up with RentHub