Prosper Property Management

What's better than a promise? A guarantee!

When a company guarantees their services, they stand behind their work in such a way that clients do not suffer when work falls short of expectations. If you're a property investor in Prosper, TX, finding a property management company that offers work guarantees should be the only way you want to do business! 

The best Prosper property management companies shouldn't be afraid to guarantee their services. Our RentHub HubFactor Guarantees help us serve our property owners better every day! We work in a way that means we make it right if we get it wrong—and we don't get paid until we produce results

We could simply promise excellent services, but our guarantees take that promise a step further for our investors. Here are just a few ways we stand behind our processes and our work! 

You Get Paid on Time—Guaranteed

Renters commit to paying the rent on time every month. It's in the lease, and we work hard to enforce that rule. However, sometimes a tenant misses the deadline or outside economic situations make it challenging to collect the rent from every tenant on time. 

No matter the circumstances, our property owners don't suffer income loss when RentHub fails to get every rental payment in on time. Our Hubfactor guarantee for Prosper, TX, property owners means that we process rental payments to pay our owner by the 10th of each month—or you get a credit equal to that month's management fee. 

That's right! If we're late paying you, our Rental Payment Timing Guarantee means you don't pay us that month! It's our job to collect the rent from every tenant, on time, every month—guaranteed.

Quality Tenants—Guaranteed

Collecting the rent is easier when you have good tenants! Quality tenants pay the rent on time—but that's not the only reason we commit to choosing the best tenants for your property. It's not all about what's easier for RentHub!

Good tenants help property investors make more money. With the right tenants in your property, investors:

  • Reduce tenant turnover.
  • Receive rental payment on time every month.
  • Reduce the potential for expensive tenant property damage.

When RentHub chooses the best tenants for your properties, we help protect your investments! You don't need to worry about the people living in your property or the safety of your investments. Our Prosper property management services include a Smart-Screen Tenant Guarantee, which means we stand behind our tenant screening process—and we'll make it right if we place a bad tenant despite our screening process.

Sometimes Professional Tenants are hard to spot, even with the most thorough screening process. However, we don't want our property owners to deal with the financial impact of a bad tenant that moved into your property on our watch. If a bad tenant situation ends in eviction or property abandonment, we'll replace that tenant for free—guaranteed. 

Your Property Is Safe From Pet Damage—Guaranteed

Sometimes finding the right tenants means allowing pets in your rental properties. Pet owners often prove to be excellent, responsible tenants. In many cases, pet owners renew their lease for another term instead of trying to find another rental home that accepts pets. 

Allowing pets is a smart way to get more out of your investments—even if you're not a "pet person." Property investors don't need to worry that a dog, cat, or another type of pet will ruin your property. We have a guarantee for that, too! 

Screening Protects Owners From Bad Pets

  • Just like screening tenants, RentHub screens pets before we allow one in your property.
  • We work with you on the types of pets you're comfortable with having in your property, then apply that criteria and our Pet Screening Guarantee to choose a tenant with a pet.
  • We also apply rules for tenants with pets and enforce penalties for pet violations according to the lease agreement.

When a tenant requires a service animal for assistance with a disability, RentHub knows how to manage these accommodations. We know the value pet-owning tenants can bring to your property! Our team works hard to make sure it's a good (and profitable) experience for our property owners. 

Professional Marketing and Listings—Guaranteed

Finding the right tenants starts with professional marketing. A compelling listing and professional photos help set the stage to attract an excellent tenant for your investment property—but we don't stop there. 

Nothing grabs the attention of potential tenants like a 3D virtual tour of a property! In the wake of COVID-19, we spare no expense in offering the technology you need to find the ideal tenant for your property. Property investors don't need to worry about the need for distancing or how they'll show their rental home—RentHub has you covered!

"Extra" Doesn't Cost Extra

We offer 3D virtual home tours with high-quality HDR photos, a detailed floor plan, and an interactive 3D tour as part of our marketing services. There's no additional fee to market your property with a state-of-the-art 3D tour that can convince a potential tenant to send in an application! This keeps interest in your property high while encouraging qualified "foot traffic."

Prosper, TX, property owners can understand the challenges of showing properties and trying to find a tenant when an in-person showing isn't possible. With RentHub's Marketing Guarantee, 3D tours eliminate issues with social distancing or long-distance viewers looking for a rental home in Prosper!

Maintenance Oversight—Guaranteed

  • Successful property investors don't have time to babysit maintenance contractors.
  • You don't have time to prioritize tenant maintenance requests, schedule vendors and repairs, then make sure the work gets done.
  • However, poorly-managed maintenance services are one of the biggest ways to drive tenants away!

Your time is valuable, and we're experts at getting things done. Our property management processes and technology allow us to process tenant maintenance requests efficiently! Every repair or routine maintenance task happens as it should while tenants receive prompt replies and no-hassle scheduling for repair work. 

Our Maintenance Oversight Guarantee means we also manage the work and select the best vendors with competitive pricing. We protect your properties by overseeing the work from request to completion. RentHub makes sure tenants never feel like we didn't do enough to maintain a safe rental home throughout their lease term. 

Love Us or Leave Us—Guaranteed

We work hard to provide the best Prosper property management to each of our property owners—but we understand we might not meet every owner's expectations all the time. Despite our best work and our HubFactor Guarantees, we don't expect anyone to stick with us if you aren't satisfied!

For any reason that we fail to meet your expectations, our Love Us or Leave Us Guarantee means you can terminate your service agreement with us at any time. 

There's So Much More—Guaranteed!

We've covered only the tip of the iceberg of the guarantees we offer to property investors in Prosper, TX! The bottom line is: we work hard to exceed your expectations—and we guarantee the services it takes to make that happen. 

We even make it easy to switch from your current property management company to our services when you fall in love with everything we guarantee! It's our Easy Switch Guarantee: we'll handle everything required to take your investment portfolio to the next level with RentHub.

Reduce the risk for your investments when you choose RentHub for expert property management services. Learn more about our HubFactor Guarantees