For Expert Frisco Property Management, You Need RentHub!

It's an excellent time to own rental properties in Frisco, TX! What's holding you back? If it's knowing how to deal with things like tenants and maintenance, there's no reason not to start your rental property business—or add more properties to your portfolio. Real estate investors can enjoy all of the perks of investment properties without doing any of the work!

We love telling people how to make that happen! When rental property owners realize they can own multiple properties without having to be hands-on with any of them, we love the responses we get. How is it possible? Property management makes the real estate investment world become a reality for investors! We know that the best way to make more passive income is to let the experts manage your properties! 

What are you waiting for? Let the experts in Frisco property management take on the following tasks (and more) while you watch your long-term income grow. 

We Find Your Tenants

One of the biggest challenges for new property investors is knowing where to find tenants, and how to place the best tenants in your rentals. If you're a seasoned investor, you're very familiar with the challenges of finding the right tenants—and keeping them! With a property manager, you don't have to worry about any of those things!

Knowing where to look and how to attract quality tenants helps investors make more money. 

  • The wrong tenants become expensive problems: You lose rental income, have to deal with costly repairs from property damage, and sometimes have to remove a tenant before the end of a lease term. 
  • The right tenants help boost your bottom line: They pay the rent on time, take good care of your property, and often renew their lease for another term. 

It's not as simple as choosing someone who looks like a good tenant from their rental application. Placing the best tenants starts with how we market your property and carries through the tenant screening process.

Marketing Makes It Happen

You won't have any potential tenants to choose from without letting Frisco, TX renters know your property is available. However, property marketing requires more than posting a listing and hoping the right tenant shows up!

Professional Frisco property management starts at the beginning to find your best tenants, including:

  • Determining the ideal rental rate  for your property
  • Creating an expert property listing to tell your property's story
  • Using professional photos to add the right "flare" to your property's listing.

When your rental property has the support of the right marketing approach, you might have a tough time choosing one ideal tenant from a pool of excellent applicants!

Screening Confirms the Right Choice

It's not enough to market your property, then "choose" the best option based on the rental applications. Property investors need to apply a thorough screening process before allowing your next tenant into your property. 

Bad tenants can be hard to spot without getting beneath the surface of what a prospective tenant writes on their rental application. Avoiding "Professional Tenants" helps protect your property and your income—but you won't recognize them without background checks. 

If you don't know where to start, don't worry! Professional Frisco property management already has everything in place to screen every applicant before finding the best tenants for your property. Our process includes:

  • Credit report
  • Prior rental history
  • Employment and income verification
  • Checking references
  • Criminal history

We learn a lot about your next renter with this information, and we follow all fair housing laws when choosing your tenant to keep you safe from discrimination claims. Your rental property is your biggest asset! We take great care to place the right tenants in your rental to protect your property and your income! 

We Collect the Rent

Now that you have an excellent tenant, it's time to collect the rent! With the right property manager, rent collection is easy for tenants—and that helps property owners get paid faster.

If you thought life as a landlord would mean chasing down rent payment checks every month, you don't have to live that life. When your property manager uses the latest technology, rental payments are no longer a headache. You don't have to collect paper checks, take them to the bank, then wait for payments to clear. When property owners don't spend any time collecting the rent, your investment income becomes more passive! 

Making It Easy Means Everyone Wins!

To tell you the truth, we don't want to spend time collecting rental payments, either. It's not the best use of our time—or yours. If we're chasing down rental checks, we can't devote as much time to managing maintenance issues, tenant requests, and responding to our owners. 

We want to provide the best tenant and owner experiences when you hire us as your Frisco, TX property managers! That's why we set up systems and use technology to make rental collection easy for everyone, while our property owners never miss a payment. 

Our system includes:

  • An online portal where tenants can pay the rent securely
  • Fast payment processing and accounting
  • Proactive communication and reminders
  • A streamlined process to pay owners quicker.

Using technology to improve the speed and accuracy of the rental payment process results in fewer late rent payments and eliminates delays for owner payments. Most property owners will agree that never waiting to see your investment money hit your bank account every month is pretty nice! 

We Maintain Your Property

What more do property owners need from professional Frisco property management? We've covered a couple of the most critical aspects of a profitable rental property—but that's not everything. 

  • Finding the best tenants? Check.
  • Collecting the rent on time? Check.
  • Handling the maintenance for your property? Yes, we do that too!

Property owners don't need to lift a finger when you have the right property managers in charge of your Frisco, TX rental properties. You never need to worry about the condition of your property or how to handle a flooded toilet when your tenant calls in the middle of the night.

In fact, you don't even have to take that call! We take the calls—24/7—and handle the repairs promptly and effectively. Property maintenance must be a priority to generate the most income from your investment property, and the right property manager knows how to make that happen. 

We apply:

    • Technology to help prioritize tenant maintenance requests
  • Regular property inspections to stay ahead of potential problems
  • A vetted team of vendors to perform repairs and seasonal maintenance for your properties.

The best property management company does not cut corners on maintenance! We know that poor maintenance services can drive away your best tenants. Excellent maintenance services are one of the best ways we can keep those quality tenants we work hard to find for your properties!

Choose Only the Best Frisco Property Management for Success!

Choose a property management company with the best applications of the latest technology and a commitment to guaranteeing their work! Our HubFactor Guarantee means we're not "just any" available property manager—we stand behind our work to reduce your risks and help our property owners succeed! 

RentHub is changing the face of property management in Frisco, TX with innovative technology that closes the service gap. Plus, we're property managers with heart! Our commitment is to elevate your client experience and coach your investment to its maximum potential. Let's get started with your Free Rent Estimate!